How to contribute to the OSH evidence database of reviews?

It is very important that scientific evidence on OSH topics is readily accessible to policy makers, practitioners and researchers. The OSH Evidence database offers this possibility. But it will only work when many researchers are willing to contribute, perform and update searches of systematic reviews, overviews of systematic reviews or come forward with relevant single reviews.

How can you contribute?

You can contribute to the database with:

  1.  A search for systematic reviews on an OSH topic (optional: if more than 2 relevant reviews are found from a systematic search, summarize their findings in form of an overview of reviews)
  2. A single up-to-date systematic review on a relevant OSH topic
  3. A scoping review or a an OSH topic where a scoping review is missing


There are two ways to contribute. The most preferred option is to carry out a search for systematic reviews to answer a research question and publish the overview in our database. However, we have an alternative option for single systematic reviews.

 How to make a search for systematic reviews?

Here you will find six steps to make an overview of systematic reviews.

  1. Define an answerable question and specify the Population, Intervention or exposure, Control or comparison group and Outcome (PICO terms).
  2. Read our inclusion and classification criteria (SEE THE OSH EVIDENCE METHODS PAPER, CHAPTER 1). Here you can find information on what is PICO, what criteria are used for inclusion of systematic reviews, topics and types of research and language.
  3. Perform the search of reviews at least in Medline. Please use our document on developing search strategies (SEE THE OSH EVIDENCE METHODS PAPER, CHAPTER 2) for more information. Here you will find guidelines for search strategies, terms and examples.
  4. Perform quality assessment of each systematic review by means of our document R-AMSTAR checklist (SEE THE OSH EVIDENCE METHODS PAPER, APPENDIX 1 AND 2).
  5. Download and fill in our Search documentation form. This includes information on all the steps of the search.
  6. Send the form to

Alternative option

This option is meant for single reviews addressing relevant research questions that are not yet in the OSH Evidence database. We prefer a search and overview of reviews, but if this is not possible we keep an alternative option open to stimulate these reviews to find their way into the database. If you think a review is suitable for the database and want to contribute, you need to carry out the following steps:

  1. Define the research question of the review in PICO terms: Population, Intervention or exposure, Control or comparison group and Outcome.
  2. Check if the review meets the inclusion criteria (see the OSH EVIDENCE METHODS PAPER, CHAPTER 1).
  3.  Perform a quality assessment by means of the AMSTAR checklist (see the OSH EVIDENCE METHODS PAPER, APPENDIX 1).
  4. Download and fill in our Documentation form for single reviews.
  5.  Send the form to

Your documentation form and quality assessment will be checked, and, after discussion, possibly amended by the OSH Evidence working group.

If you want to read more detailed information on the methodology, see OSH Evidence – Clearinghouse of Systematic Reviews: Methods

Contact OSH Evidence –  Clearinghouse of systematic reviews

If you have any questions on how to use or contribute to the OSH Evidence database, please contact:

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