OSH Evidence – Clearinghouse of Systematic Reviews

Project leader: FIOH
Project partners: BAuA, CIOP, IFA, INAIL, NRCWE, TNO

General information on the project

The OSH Evidence – Clearinghouse of Systematic Reviews aims at bringing together the results of systematic reviews that have been conducted in the field of occupational health and safety. We go beyond systematic reviews of intervention studies and also include systematic reviews of etiological studies, prognostic, diagnostic and prevalence studies.

  • The objective is to facilitate knowledge transfer from scientific research into policy making. By making systematic reviews available from many different sources and presenting them in a systematic way, we hope that knowledge is more easily accessible.
  • A second objective is to coordinate the conducting of systematic reviews in the field of occupational health and safety to prevent duplication of work.
  • Our third objective is to bring together expertise in this area to improve the quality and the usability of systematic reviews.


If you have any questions on how to use or contribute to the OSH EVIDENCE DATABASE, please contact one of the following members of the OSH Evidence Group.

Representatives of PEROSH institutes:
Dr. Jos Verbeek, Project Leader (FIOH): Jos.Verbeek@ttl.fi
Dr. Alba Fishta (BAuA): fishta.alba@baua.bund.de
Ms. Annette Nold (IFA): Annette.Nold@dguv.de
Dr. Swenneke Van den Heuvel (TNO): swenneke.vandenheuvel@tno.nl

Collaborative partners:
Dr. Janice Hegewald (University Dresden, Germany): janice.hegewald@tu-dresden.de
Dr. Stefano Mattioli (University Bologna, Italy): s.mattioli@unibo.it

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OSH EVIDENCE DATABASE of  Systematic Reviews

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