Position papers

The last few years PEROSH has produced several position papers on research needs and themes we felt were crucial for the working world. Below one may find an overview of these position papers that were produced alone or in close collaboration with other stakeholders.

  • 2017: Future challenges

    Europe at work in 2030 – in search of a new narrative

  • 2016: Future challenges

    Futures. Foresight and priority setting in OSH

    Sustainable work in H2020 (summary)

    Sustainable work in H2020 (full text)

  • 2014: PEROSH and EU-OSHA OSH challenges

    Challenge of Europe in a changing world — inclusive, innovative and reflective societies: The changing world of work and OSH

    Leadership in enabling and industrial technologies: Prevention through Design

    Health, demographic change and wellbeing: Occupational safety and health in the context of demographic change

  • 2012: Research challenges

    Sustainable employability to prolong working life

    Disability prevention and reintegration

    Psychosocial well-being in a sustainable working organisation

    Multifactorial genesis of work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs)

    New technologies as a field of action for OSH

    Occupational risks related to engineered nanomaterials (ENMs)

    Safety culture to prevent occupational accidents




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