HSE: Workplace Health Excellence Committee Annual Report Published

HSE’s Workplace Health Excellence Committee (WHEC) is an expert scientific committee that provides independent scientific advice to HSE’s Chief Scientific Adviser, Professor Andrew Curran. Professor Curran represents HSE on the PEROSH Steering Committee.

WHEC advices on: new and emerging workplace health issues; new and emerging evidence on existing workplace health issues; and the quality and relevance of the evidence base on workplace health issues. WHEC’s newly published Annual Report brings together detailed evidence reviews or papers on:

  • ‘Silica, silicosis and lung cancer’;
  • ‘Risks of bakery work: the adverse effects of working in high temperatures and of occupational asthma’;
  • ‘Work-associated musculo-skeletal pain: the role of HSE’; and
  • ‘Work-related stress and psychological health’.

Professor Curran says: ‘HSE is the regulator for health and safety at work in Great Britain. WHEC’s evidence reviews and papers have proved very useful in its considerations of the policy and regulatory options in the area of work and health’.