The Steering Committee (SC) consists of the general directors of the 13 PEROSH Member Institutes and is responsible for the strategic management of PEROSH. This includes the decisions on the specific knowledge sharing initiatives, the promotion of joint research and development of joint projects. Furthermore, the SC discusses the inclusion of new members, the appointment of the chairperson and the vice-chairperson of the SC, the establishment and mandate of the Scientific Steering group and working groups. They agree on the annual budget and approve the annual account of revenue and expenditures.

Chairperson: Paulien Bongers (TNO), The Netherlands

Vice Chairman: Georg Effenberger (AUVA), Austria










Steering Committee signed new agreement in June 2018

The Executive Committee shall be responsible for the day-to-day management and shall keep the Steering Committee informed on all relevant issues.

The executive committee is built

• by the chairperson Paulien Bongers (TNO, The Netherlands)

• the vice-chair Georg Effenberger, AUVA, Austria)

• chair of the Scientific Steering Group Mary Trainor (HSE, United Kingdom) and

• PEROSH Manager International Affairs Jan Michiel Meeuwsen (The Netherlands)

The Scientific Steering Group (SSG) consists of the research/scientific directors of the 13 member institutes of PEROSH. The SSG facilitates and follows-up on the joint research projects, discusses new research topics and cooperation and proposes decisions to the Steering Committee. The Scientific Steering Group meets twice a year.

Chair: Mary Trainor (HSL/HSE, UK)


SSG Meeting in Buxton in October 2018

SSG Meeting in Buxton in October 2018




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