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Changes in PEROSH executive board

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Nano- and ultrafine particulate matter in air

STAMI will organize the EOHNANO conference in June 2019. Balazs Berlinger, Associate Professor at STAMI, reports on one of the topics that will be discussed during this international conference already beforehand.   Read more …


Ebola: about HSE’s work in Sierra Leone

During the last meeting of the PEROSH Scientific Steering Group in Buxton, a most interesting  presentation was given by Brian Crook, microbiologist at HSE, on his work in Sierra Leone in an Ebola diagnostic laboratory. The work led to crucial insights ….  Read more …

PEROSH’s Research exchange programme: new report

Supported by PEROSH, Anne Marit Wörthmann from BAuA visited the PEROSH partner institute FIOH in Helsinki to exchange knowledge and cooperate on the current topic working time. Read more …


New report published

The PEROSH Project Group “PEROSH recommendations for procedures to measure occupational physical activity and workload” has finished the second report focusing on how to measure and what to consider in the assessment of work with elevated arms.

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New PEROSH newsletter published

The PEROSH Newsletter No 19 is available now.

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International Conferences 2019: Important dates

For 2019, a lot of interesting scientifc conferences have been announced.
Have a look at the deadlines for abstract submission and registration.


Webinar Wellbeing group

The PEROSH Wellbeing Group were recently invited by the UKK Institute (Finland) to present a Webinar to the HEPA Europe network about their work in PEROSH.

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PEROSH celebrated 15th anniversary

Last June in Bonn, Germany, PEROSH celebrated its 15th anniversary. The last years PEROSH has established a closer collaboration between its institutes and researchers. We strive to inspire policy makers and workplaces across Europe to use PEROSH knowledge …. Read more …


New PEROSH joint project Prolonging Working Life

PEROSH approved a new joint research project on Prolonging Working Life. The project will focus on practices and policies to prolong working life of workers in a sensible way given the further ageing of our societies. Several PEROSH members participate and they will make an inventory of currently running projects, define research questions … Read more …




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