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International OSH Congress IOHSC2017 in Istanbul

In Istanbul, Turkey, the INTERNATIONAL OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY CONGRESS (IOHSC2017) will be held for the first time by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Occupational Health and Safety Department. The dates are 6 and 7 of December 2017.

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17 th PEROSH Newsletter published

The PEROSH newsletter is available online and as PDF.


IOSH publications

The Institution of Occupational Safety and Health ( published results of research on occupational safety and health for distributed workers.

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PEROSH Project on physical activity and Workload: Report published

The PEROSH Project Group “PEROSH recommendations for procedures to measure occupational physical activity and workload” has completed its first report. The report focuses on  how to appropriately assess occupational sedentary behavior. It provides recommendations for measuring and interpreting the results and defines criteria for the use of measuring equipment.


PEROSH group meetings in Lausanne

 In April 2017, the Steering Committee and the Scientific Steering Group were invited by the Swiss Institute for Work and Health (IST). Representatives from the 13 PEROSH institutes met in Lausanne to discuss current activities, but also future aims and strategies of the partnership.

Project leaders meeting 2017

The annual meeting of the project leaders from the PEROSH joint research projects took place in Leiden, the Netherlands at TNO. The progress of all projects was assessed and discussed and ideas on further dissemination of the project’s outcomes were shared.



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