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How can you connect to PEROSH?

This was the title of a presentation Jan Michiel Meeuwsen, PEROSH manager international affairs, gave at Centro Nacional de Verificacion de Maquinaria CNVM in Bilbao (Spain), the affiliated institute of INSSBT, our Spanish PEROSH member …  Read more …



PEROSH Coordinators Meeting Bilbao

On 23 and 24 of April 2018 the PEROSH project coordinators and some members of the PEROSH Scientific Steering Group convened in Bilbao at the affiliated institute of INSSBT, our Spanish PEROSH member. The meeting focused on the progress of the joined research projects PEROSH members are implementing. Also some ideas on future fact sheets and a repository of all PEROSH project outcomes and resources were shared. Currently, PEROSH members are collaborating in 7 joined research projects.

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PEROSH publication wins Award

Long-term sedentary work may be harmful to health. But how is it possible to measure sedentary work consistently and correctly to prevent health injuries? A group of researchers from several European Work Environment, Safety and Health institutes under PEROSH have developed a guideline for handling this issue. Their findings were published in a paper which recently won the publisher Elsevier Ltd’s best paper award 2017 in the scientific journal Applied Ergonomics. Read more …

Submit your Abstract: Wellbeing at work

The 5th International Conference on Wellbeing at work will be held from 22-24 May 2019 in Paris.
Abstract Submission is now open until 12th September 2018.

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HSE publishes Annual Science Review 2018

Making a positive impact on the working world: see case studies from HSE’s scientists.

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TNO publishes Whitepaper Exposome

On March 13 the Whitepaper “Exposome: connecting the dots
for effective prevention of disease” has been published.

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Occupational Health 2018

25-27 June 2018

The SOM/FOM annual conference is the international event of the year for occupational health professionals. Topics include mental health, the changing world of work and multi-disciplinary working; with hot topics of specific skills to make a difference to your work, such as on fitness to drive and legal issues.

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Safety and Risks of Engineered Nanomaterials

NIVA – The Nordic Institute for Advanced Training in Occupational Health (www.niva.org) is organizing an international course on Safety and Risks of Engineered Nanomaterials 23rd  -24th of October 2018 in Malmö, Sweden.
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